Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why don't we get out of our own way?

So I just finished reading an article on Yahoo! News about a link between restless leg syndrome and erectile dysfunction. The article spends most of it's words on saying that researchers aren't sure what the connection is, whether one causes the other, and if so, which one comes first.

It's interesting to me (but not surprising) that this article focuses so much on the relationship between these two conditions, but fails to address the likelihood that the presence of both of these conditions may actually be related to a much more significant total health situation.

As chiropractors, we base what we do on the simple premise that our bodies, when given the opportunity to function properly and free from excessive physical, chemical, or emotional stress, and free from interference with normal body processes, have a miraculous ability to heal and regulate themselves. When these stresses and interference are present and unmanaged, it only makes sense that we would begin to develop symptoms.

The trick is in understanding that a particular stress or interference at a particular point do not always create the same symptom or symptoms in every person. We are all unique to a certain degree, and even within families, the stresses and how each individual experiences them are unique.

So why not take a look at these situations where people have a seemingly unrelated combination of signs and symptoms and take a more "30,000 foot view" approach to see if something else is going on that could explain these, and quite possibly many other, problems the individual may be experiencing?

This is the value of a vitalistic approach to health care, and specifically to Creating Wellness Chiropractic.

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